Google’s shopping cart gets some upgrades

It looks like Google’s shopping cart got some upgrades this week. Google introduced their cart about 6 months ago and just added some new features this week.

The cart quickly integrates into your website and allows your customers to checkout through Google checkout. The cart is now a little more advanced, and stays on your website.

This should still be an easy means of adding a simple cart to a website. It is still limited by the fact Google Checkout is the only supported payment method, but it should suffice for smaller requirements and merchants that don’t want to use Paypal or a traditional merchant account.

Google Cart Links:
Google cart
Google cart demo store
Google cart getting started
Google cart API

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  1. Ash Mehta 15 Nov, 2008

    Google Checkout is still not available in countries outside US and UK. To signup for Google Shopping Cart one is required to sign up for Google Checkout first. It will also be interesting what other features will be released by google cart.

  2. Can this product be used for downloadable goods ?

  3. Shopping cart 14 Jan, 2009

    i never knew google had a cart.. very interesting

  4. Ecommerce Web Design 30 Mar, 2009

    I’ve never used Google’s shopping cart – What are the advantages over, say Paypal? LOL, other than the fact Paypal is terrible!

  5. Zakir Naz 20 Aug, 2009

    I heard that Google Shopping Cart is amazing – wish it would come to Europe soon (other thank UK)

  6. Mena Mircheva 20 Oct, 2009

    That’s not a surprise – nowadays everyone struggles for a piece of e-commerce cake. Last week Google’s Head of new markets Christian Hernandes participated as a speaker in 5-6 conferences in Bulgaria regarding e-commerce and e-marketing. He didn’t even say a clue that Google released a shopping cart, instead he talked much about social marketing and customer reviews.

  7. Google shopping cart is very awesome and it is very comfortable.

  8. Furniture murcia 30 Apr, 2010

    Users of ProductCart ecommerce software can take advantage of a number of products and services created by Google to help them market, sell, and track their products and services over the Internet. ProductCart was one of the very first ecommerce shopping carts to be fully integrated with Google Checkout.

  9. i’m still unsure if Google shopping cart posts data back to magento stores, im sure this is resulting in abandoned shopping carts for me? anyone else experiencing this?

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