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Payment method and credit card logo API

I just finished a simple credit card logo API which is outlined on my other blog.

This offers an easy method of adding credit card logos to an ecommerce website. We designed some very clean icons for each logo. The API supports 2 sizes currently, fully dynamic sizing and margins are planned for the next update. It also supports specifying background colors.

Here’s a few examples of logos generated using the API.




The order and the exact logos can be specified through the image url string. The logos currently come in 2 sizes 32px and 64px, but as stated, fully dynamic sizing will be available shortly. Logos through the API are all delivered securely to prevent SSL related errors. We also made a simple credit card logo generator for those who don’t want to mess with an API.

Here’s all available logos:
Card Logos
Card Logos 2
Card Logos 3

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