Making a poor image

I was driving home from work a few days ago, and I saw one of those Best Buy geek squad cars. They are really noticeable as they are a VW beetle, and they are painted black and white, like an old police car (SEE PICTURE HERE).

Now this may seem like a fairly effective practice. They are definitely noticeable, and they probably appeal to a fairly wide audience. The car itself is a representation of simplicity and clean lines something that Geek Squad would definitely want people to associate them with.

Best Buy’s Poor Image?
The car that I saw happened to be flying down the road, at what I would estimate to be about 120 MPH. He was weaving in and out of traffic, twice he crossed all four lanes while merging, he probably cut ten people off nearly causing an accident in in two cases, and was driving extremely recklessly. This was all in less than a mile. If he would have been pulled over, there would have been no ticket. This was one of those ‘go directly to jail’ performances. The driver looked like they were about 17, but it was hard to tell for sure since the car was pretty much a blur. If he would have hit another car, I can’t imagine there not being fatalities or serious injuries. I’ve raced cars before (legally), and his driving was absolutely horrifying.

It’s obviously not possible to control some-one’s personal actions, but I would be pretty damn careful who I let behind the wheel of a car with my company banner on it.

Best Buy can be pretty sure that they wont find me in one of their stores any time soon.

Here’s some other poor branding from the best buy. Another one… And one more!

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1 Comment:
  1. Joshua Dorkin 14 Apr, 2007

    I’m not sure this is really a case of “bad branding” – seems more like a case of a company’s image being tarnished by one person’s actions. Does it ruin their brand? I don’t think so, but it does seem to appear like the company has some bad enforcement policies. Maybe they are trying to change their identity to the CRAZY GEEK SQUAD?!

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