SEO for small businesses on a budget

Taking a break from usability and operations that I normally address. Seobook.com published an outstanding guideline on setting up and marketing a business online on a budget.

The guide is straight to the point and offers a ton of good information about how to jump into SEO, analytics, hosting, and online marketing. What I like most about the article is that they give specific resources and products to make it happen, rather than the blanket, “you need to do this, find a company to do that, buy something like…” that we all suggest, all too often. Additionally, they pretty much break the costs down to about the cheapest a business can possibly get them for.

Anyway, I highly recommend this article for those new site owners or site owners on a budget that need to just get started with SEO and online marketing…

I will say that the article does not cover anything related to usability, design, or the actual setup of a website, which are extremely important. This article is applicable to businesses that have a website but if you are planning on setting up a website for your business, this article will give you a good direction and options of marketing, seo, and analytics, once you actually get your site up and running.

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  1. Zippy Cart 14 Feb, 2011

    That’s a great article: comprehensive, but not wordy. Direct but not curt. Thanks for the heads up. The internet is littered with broad, nonspecific advice about SEO, which is totally NOT what you need when you’re just starting out and need results.

  2. Online Payment Systems 15 Feb, 2011

    Great post, very interesting.

  3. Jerrick 16 Feb, 2011

    I been study lot of article there before, they do provide those knowledge in professional where which they not only let you foreseen the problem and need, they also provide the solution as well. SEOBOOK is quite a famous website there beside seochat.com and seomoz.

  4. Kaushalam 21 Feb, 2011

    SEO activities will not give assurity for your business, you can do the most that is more and more develop your site and create effective website design in a professional way and not increase much traffic on your site but try to learn how to divert traffic to some other web URLs.

  5. Jack 3 Mar, 2011

    Nice article. A lot of people simply don’t realise they can do a large bulk of SEO themselves, a lot of it is fairly basic stuff!

  6. foomarket 29 Mar, 2011

    That is a sweet article for SEO. It not only covers link tracking but also discusses how to register a domain, hiring a logo designer, building a site and affiliate programs.

  7. For a small business to properly execute SEO, they need to have integrations with their blog to their facebook and twitter page. This will allow editorial linking to be kickstarted as their content will be exposed to potential link love..

  8. Gazduire 1 May, 2011

    Seobook is the best resource for seo on the web
    It’s my bible 🙂

  9. Mitzvah Cards 2 May, 2011

    Very helpful article. ALways good stuff at SEOBook.com. I have done SEO for a year and already have numerous #1 rankings for competitive keywords thanks to informational sites like them and SEOMoz

  10. eSparkInfo 9 May, 2011

    SEO for small business is really big thing. I have very good experience to work on small business SEO. I always recommend to find out best & unique products across the online store.

    Can we quick start with that one or not? If yes so break down competition & focus to get maximum conversion from it.

    It can help us to improve budget of SEO & expand different categories to work on it.

    What you think about it?

  11. Promotional Products 10 May, 2011

    Thank you so much for posting this very informative article. I learned a lot from it.

  12. RedOrangeSEO 10 May, 2011

    SEO is not that demon that one should actualy be affarid of before indulding in nor its a casual practice to be practise by any novice, once your website is developned and launched , the enxt step should be SEO of that , wht the fun if your website doen’t reach easily to your target customers

  13. jo 26 Jul, 2011

    im just getting into the depths of seoing my site too,i might give this a shot,thnks J

  14. Aly 24 Oct, 2011

    Great article, jestep. Thanks for sharing. I work for a small, family-run label supplier here in Houston, Texas. A couple of years ago, we made the investment in our website by hiring an outside SEO company. We’ve been so happy with our SEO guys because they’re honest – they’ve shown us how we can do this ourselves should we ever decide to. We’ve seen our website visitors and sales increase drastically since employing SEO tactics – it really works for small businesses!

  15. Jeremy Query 30 Nov, 2011

    another great resource is SEOMoz. I’ve learned a lot from their blog.

  16. saksri 7 Dec, 2011

    I’m like it and thank you

  17. ecommerce solution 13 Dec, 2011

    another great resource is going through forums

  18. Laura 14 May, 2012

    That is a great article. There’s a few key factors to great SEO – unique, high quality content, great links and fantastic on-page set up like page titles and H1s. When it comes to content, it’s all about distribution. If you’ve created great content it’s up to you to “get it out there” – try social bookmarks or actively promoting your content via your social media accounts. If you get your content out there you’re much more likely to receive great natural links which will help with your overall SEO efforts.

  19. Paresh Shrimali 24 May, 2013

    Now a days ..we have small business or a big business we need SEO for better quality of website and better online performance. Organic SEO is not a short term process but it is continue process. Google also love SEO and give more importance of quality SEO for websites.

  20. SEO 24 Nov, 2013

    The new SEO is Expensive. SEO onsite is easy, but linkbuilding requires high costs.
    50 article marketing , 50 different content……

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  22. Martini 4 Mar, 2014

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