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**UPDATED** Adding Google Business search to your ecommerce website

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DHL is gone, get out now!

We just had a meeting with our UPS rep today. Luckily we switched just before DHL decided to stop all US domestic operations. Ironically our UPS rep helped a DHL truck driver uninstall their drop-box from our office building. He also got a picture of him helping DHL on his cell phone which I can honestly say was was of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.

Anyway, if you’re using DHL for your shipping, and you’re not looking for a new provider, you need to get moving. DHL stops all domestic US operations on January 30, but most of the drop-boxes are already gone.

We haven’t seen or heard of any UPS or Fedex price gouging, which is very nice to see, since shipping costs are at an all-time high. I strongly recommend looking into UPS, Fedex, and possibly USPS if you were using exclusively DHL. The time to switch is NOW, as the holiday season is approaching, and this normally isn’t an overnight process. Get it done before things get too busy.

Good places to start:
UPS for DHL Customers
Fedex Welcomes DHL Customers
USPS for DHL Customers


5 Steps to a A Proper Contact Form!

I’m not sure if there is an authoritative guide on a website’s contact form, so here’s my take on the picture.

A contact form is a seemingly simple feature, that most websites mess up. While a broken or poorly designed contact form may not be the end-all problem with a website, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t work correctly.

What a contact for must contain:

  1. Name, email, (optional: phone), and message fields
  2. Shouldn’t Contain… A ridiculous captcha verification script
  3. Confirmation / feedback that the form was properly submitted
  4. An email response that the form was successfully received
  5. Finally… A response from someone that read the form (If necessary)

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