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Spam-proof your dedicated server!

I wrote about a great cpanel firewall add-on that I found a while back.

The same company that designed configserver firewall, has two security packages that are designed to help maintain a cpanel/whm dedicated server.

I recently purchased the “cPanel Service Package + MailScanner” package for one of the servers that I manage.

Here’s what you get for $125:

  • iptables SPI firewall (csf)
  • Login failure detection (lfd)
  • Stop unnecessary processes
  • Logcheck
  • Logwatch
  • WHM configuration check
  • OpenSSH configuration check
  • Install and configure Rootkit Hunter
  • Install and configure Chkrootkit
  • install mod_security
  • Host spoof protection
  • Operating System check
  • Name server configuration check
  • Disk check
  • Kernel check
  • Apache tune and check ***
  • MySQL tune and check
  • Enhanced log rotation
  • Day of the week backup rotations
  • Secure /tmp /var/tmp /dev/shm
  • Install and configure ConfigServer Explorer (cse)
  • Install and configure ConfigServer Mail Queues (cmq)
  • Install and configure ConfigServer Mail Manage (cmm)
  • Perl installation check
  • Delete unnecessary OS users
  • Disable open DNS recursion
  • Enhance path protection
  • Remove SUID/GUID from binaries
  • PHP hardening
  • Exploit check
  • Disable vulnerable phpBB installs
  • Initial cPanel configuration
  • Enhance MailMan performance
  • Install MRTG graphs
  • MailScanner Server service
  • One week of informational tickets

While this is all great, what really caught my attention was the improvement with the email that the server was handling. Click to continue…


Online business will benefit from aggressive retail cross-selling

I am sick of shopping at retail stores (Putting aside mom-and-pop stores). I like going down the street to buy something, but I can’t buy a candy bar anymore without being offered a warranty, two magazine subscriptions, and a credit card. The cross-selling situation is getting to the point where I and others avoid shopping at retail locations. I avoid going into a number of stores simply because I don’t want to deal with being offered a bunch of crap that I don’t need. I have no problem saying no, but i just don’t want to have to. I bought a laptop from Circuit City, a while ago, and I had to literally walk out of the store for the salesman to stop adding the warranty to the bill. I’ve known more than ten people who’ve been talked into several hundred dollar warranties because they were pressured into buying them. They were hardly any improvement on the manufacturer’s warranty. In the past few months I have been observing other people’s reactions to this retail mess, and I’m certainly not the only one who is sick of it.

Lets compare up-selling online and in retail.

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