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Google Chrome Web Browser

Google rolled out their web browser today, Google Chrome, and I have to say that after trying it out for a little while I am completely surprised.

Google Chrome is a very stripped down browser with the advantage of being about 2 million times faster than Internet Explorer or Firefox. After browsing for over an hour, I didn’t have to wait for a single page to load, at all! Not sure what Google does different from Firefox or IE, but the difference is amazing. I think that this could easily save me ten or twenty minutes a day from not waiting for web pages to load.

As far as layout rendering, websites look the same as they do in Firefox, which is nice to know that Google adheres to web-standards, something that Internet Explorer’s been lacking since its creation. I imagine that some sites with strict user-agent matching or restrictions may break in Chrome, but so far I haven’t found any problems.

If you’re interested in trying Google Chrome, you can download it here:

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