Payment method and credit card logo API

I just finished a simple credit card logo API which is outlined on my other blog.

This offers an easy method of adding credit card logos to an ecommerce website. We designed some very clean icons for each logo. The API supports 2 sizes currently, fully dynamic sizing and margins are planned for the next update. It also supports specifying background colors.

Here’s a few examples of logos generated using the API.

Using: https://www.merchantequip.com/image/?bgcolor=000&logos=p|g|bml&height=75

Using: https://www.merchantequip.com/image/?bgcolor=fff&logos=v|m|a|d|jcb|dc&height=75

Using: https://www.merchantequip.com/image/?bgcolor=fff&logos=v|m|a|d|jcb|dc&height=35

The order and the exact logos can be specified through the image url string. The logos currently come in 2 sizes 32px and 64px, but as stated, fully dynamic sizing will be available shortly. Logos through the API are all delivered securely to prevent SSL related errors. We also made a simple credit card logo generator for those who don’t want to mess with an API.

Here’s all available logos:
Card Logos
Card Logos 2
Card Logos 3

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  2. Alan 13 Jan, 2011

    What an excellent tool. Unfortunately I can’t use it as it is missing a Solo card which is a local card in the UK.

  3. jestep 13 Jan, 2011

    Just added Solo card, thanks for the suggestion.

  4. Bart 13 Jan, 2011

    if the format open, so other local payment methods out of the US can be added by volunteers?

  5. jestep 13 Jan, 2011

    Right now it’s not open, due to the requirements for hosting, SSL, bandwidth control, quality logos, etc…

    I will be happy to add additional payment methods, or may consider making an international edition. I would need to get high quality logos for the payment types for this to work. Feel free to post suggestions.

  6. Zippy Cart 17 Jan, 2011

    That’s a really handy API. Solid-looking badges like that can really make a small site look more professional.

  7. Ron Peled 22 Jan, 2011

    Arrr… I just was looking for something like this a week ago. Thanks for the tip!!

  8. Need eCommerce 24 Jan, 2011

    Oh wonderful! Thanks for the excellent post. Wish to implement your tips.

  9. Hug 25 Jan, 2011


    Nice API !

    If you want to add more payment methods here are some suggestions :

    – Netpay
    – Elba (Raiffeisen ELBA-internnet) (Deustch bank)
    – Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren (ELV) (Deustch bank)
    – GiroPay

    You can also refer here to get more used bank : http://www.rbsworldpay.com/support/kb/gg/submittingtransactionsredirect/rxml.html

  10. jestep 26 Jan, 2011

    I’ll take a look at those. Another we were trying to add was 2checkout.com. However, I can’t find a decent logo to save my life.

  11. Phil 1 Feb, 2011

    Thanks! I operate an officer furniture company that specializes in computer desks and we have been looking for a a way to add credit card images to interior pages next to our products prices. Best Regards!

  12. Cameron 10 Feb, 2011

    That’s a great tool to have. Having a easily accessible and easy to notice credit card logos can make your site more user friendly to even the novice of users. Having the payment methods next to your wholesale products is a good idea too.

  13. pegarose 12 Feb, 2011

    perfect ! thanx

  14. Jerrick 16 Feb, 2011

    Thank for the logo so that i do not need to get the logo one by one by myself and what i only need to do is pick some of the logo from it and put the link into the logo. It really useful for the new establish e-commerce website.

  15. Awsome blog! Many thanks for creating it. Keep posting that way.

  16. jestep 3 Mar, 2011

    Update** Added Switch and Western Union. Still looking for a good 2checkout.com logo.

  17. Infomaxim 21 Mar, 2011

    Very cool. Thanks guys!

  18. jestep 26 Aug, 2011

    Update** Just added ebillme and 2checkout.com logos. So far we’re estimating that about 200 legitimate ecommerce sites are using them. Very exciting and glad to provide these for sites that want to use them.

  19. Parbriz 24 Oct, 2011

    Very helpful, thank you !

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