Framework for a Good Product Page

I was inspired by the Anatomy of a Usable Website, and decided to make a similar guide for a product page. I had previously written a post regarding product descriptions, which still apply here as well.


Download the full PDF version »

This is meant to be a framework for creating an ecommerce product page. There are of course many additional things that could be put on a product page, but these are the essentials that every page should have. The more features that a product page has, the more likely a user won’t notice them.

In the end, websites benefit from clean and well organized content.

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  2. Dr. Pete 28 Sep, 2009

    Glad you liked the usable website guide and that it’s inspiring spin-offs. This is a really useful template, especially for large e-commerce sites. I also have to admit that your version is a bit cleaner than mine – I got a little carried away with the design tips 🙂

  3. Jim 28 Sep, 2009

    Great post!

  4. Michael 6 Oct, 2009

    Nice Post. A few things I didn’t see which I think are crucial on the actual item page:

    1)Return policy
    2)Shipping & handling rate (or calculator)

  5. Chris 9 Oct, 2009

    Looks interesting usefull to show clients to start the ball rolling.

  6. Danny 2 Nov, 2009

    Do you consider related items the same thing as similar items? If so does having it all on the product page help or hinder call to action by presenting the customer with too many options? Great Post Cheers.

  7. jestep 2 Nov, 2009


    I do consider them to be the same thing. I think it’s important to present them in a way that it doesn’t distract from the product itself. The goal of a product page is obviously to sell a product, but the similar products are important because it’s possible that a customer doesn’t know what they are actually looking for. By presenting those customers alternative options, based on some logical association, we can improve our overall conversion ration, and prevent our customers from having to go through excessive searching on their own.

  8. ecommerce website 22 Dec, 2009

    this is a really great design for a product page. Nice, clean simple and easy to navigate. So many times e-commerce sites tend to get bogged down with too much content. This will deter people from purchasing on your website.

  9. E-commerce Howto 12 Feb, 2010

    This is some great template for good product / landing pages! nice informtion

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