Do It Yourself Ecommerce

The ecommerce times wrapped up it’s do it yourself ecommerce guide today.

The guide cover some good information about getting into the business side of ecommerce. This guide is a good read for people that are already successful with their ecommerce ventures because several good services and resources are cited throughout the article.

The ecommerce guide is broken into three parts:

Part 1 – Now Bigger and Better (General introduction and ecommerce background)
Part 2 – Nuts and Bolts (Hosting, ecommerce platforms, SSL, general operation)
Part 3 – Taking Care of Business (Ecommerce future, success story, marketing, accounting, wrap-up)

This guide is by no means a complete resource. It is more a of an outline and should definitely be read more as an information primer. For a complete guide to ecommerce, I recommend the Mind Valley Ecommerce Guide. It’s not free, but mind valley offers 7 free tactics from their guide.

I recently reviewed the mindvalley guide, and I completely recommend it, especially for persons new to conducting business online. It is a small investment, but it is sure to pay for itself many times in the time that you will save compared to learning all of the information on your own.

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